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Cathy Morrow
Healthy Healing Solutions, LLC
Appleton, WI
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You are stronger than you think and I believe that you have the solutions to the challenges you are facing. It is my goal to work along side of you and help empower you to find those solutions and to meet your goals, finding peace of mind and satisfaction. I also  believe every individual is on their own journey in life and you are the expert on your life. I strive to set up an environment where you feel safe and comfortable to invite me on your journey and help you build strength, confidence,and persistence!

I am currently working on becoming a Certified Mental Performance Consultant and love working with athletes on sports performance and other issues. I also have an interest in serving the LGBTQ community. I take a strengths based approach and utilize brainspotting, biofeedback, cognitive skills training and more to promote growth.

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