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Jessica R.K. Crowley
Aspire Winning Edge
Wheaton, Illinois
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Using a one-of-a-kind integrated session of Brainspotting, HeartMath, Performance Coaching, Hypnosis, HNLP, neuroscience and foundational principals of improvisation, clients develop positive neural pathways, learn tools, experience shifts, get rid of what they don't want and get more of what they do want.   Athletes will deactivate the amygdala's response to muscle guarding, expand performance and gain confidence and focus while turning performance influencers into strengths.  

As a 25-year police sergeant, I work with first responders, 1-on-1 and contract with police agencies to provide wellness programs, focusing on transition, burnout, anxiety, frustration, career plateau, sleep and eating issues and overall emotional, physical and mental wellness.  Additionally, I specialize in working with high level, elite, college, and Olympic gymnasts, teams, and coaches. 

I have completed Brainspotting Phase 1, 2, 3, 4 and am a Certified Brainspotting Consultant, Hypnotist, HeartMath Practitioner, Life and Performance Coach, Crisis Intervention Specialist and mental health advocate and instructor. 

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