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Kaori Andresen
Chicago, IL
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My name is Kaori (she/her/hers). I am a bilingual Japanese, raised in Manila, Ph - currently based in Chicago, IL. I hold space for Healing & Releasing, licensed psychotherapist certified in Brainspotting. I invite the body to take lead in healing, through somatic and neurobiological attunement (Somatic Archaeology & Brainspotting), art, Reiki and spirit. We tap into our familial, ancestral, and spiritual lineages that live within our cellular and energetic memories. By remembering, we let go of old belief systems and taught narratives that don’t belong. I study generational patterns, attachment styles and present behaviors. I am trained in all phases I - IV of Brainspotting, as well as specialty areas in Addictions and Generational BSP. I am passionate about BSP and love to share the experience with those who are curious. I work with all ages and of all backgrounds - individuals who are looking to rediscover their truths.
I enjoy sound healing, forest baths, meditation and trees. I love animals. I am a painter, skydiver and lover of all things miniature.

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